Jaci Springfield

My intent is to design spaces that affect the quality of people’s daily lives. One of my clients summed it up perfectly when she said, “When I walk into my new kitchen, my heart just sings!” Hearing that makes MY heart sing!!

I’ve been in the architectural and interior design profession for over 40 years, in every aspect of commercial and residential.

My Experience

I’ve had my company for 33 years and for the first 17 years, I focused primarily on architectural design. Understanding this side of a project gives me a unique insight not many designers possess…I understand the architecture which helps me create fully developed architectural interiors. I’ve also pursued a related passion and have taken landscape design classes at Cuyamaca College which helps me create a connection between the interior and exterior.


I’m devoted to creating beautiful spaces but just as important is my desire to guide my clients through what can be a challenging process and make it a fun experience! Good design is good design – no matter the style, so I don’t have a particular design style. Instead, I listen very carefully to a client’s particular needs and then together we establish a design philosophy very specific to their individual style, budget and functional goals. As their project unfolds each decision we make as a team is applied to that philosophy to ensure it supports our goals. Attention to detail is what pulls a project together. What clients notice after they’ve moved into their new space is how much a well designed project changes their lives on so many levels.

My clients & other loves

Most of my clients come by way of referrals and many are repeat clients over and over. I’ve worked with The Hotel Del Coronado over 25 years, the San Diego Zoo/Safari Park for over 30 (including designing their Veterinary Hospital), Helen Woodward, had retail clients all over the world, completed the interiors for many FBI, DEA, EDD, IRS and SSA offices in 3 states as well as countless residential projects large and small. Many of these clients have become close friends and the “business” is really a lifestyle.

I also have another company – The Perfect Paint Color, devoted solely to selecting paint colors. Many people want a wonderful environment but may not have the budget, time or interest in doing a remodel. Changing paint colors is the least expensive and fastest way you can dramatically alter a space without going through an entire remodel! www.theperfectpaintcolor.com.

Art is an integral part of my life and I’ve been a ceramic potter for 28 years. www.jacispringfield.com

Recently I was a volunteer art teacher once a week for 2 years in a public school teaching 6th grade art with a strong emphasis on loving and protecting the environment and animals. I designed a class called Creative Confidence not to simply teach art skills but more importantly to give the kids the ability to creatively problem solve, which is a vital skill for everyone to have in life!