Remodeling and Home Design

Geppetto’s toy store

Our goal in designing this store was to build a unique toy store. One that had never been done before and that would be enchanting to both children and their parents. We wanted to create a special atmosphere but at the same time not compete with the number one intention. Selling toys! The soft earth tones of the store lend themselves beautifully to this concept by acting as a backdrop and allowing the vividly colored toys to really pop in comparison.

With it’s cobblestone and wood floors made from reclaimed barn wood, stone columns, cedar cabinetry and hand troweled plaster walls, GEPPETTO’S simulates an old world woodcarver’s workshop.

The store was untended to be small scaled, quaint and charming with carved wood doors, weathered Tuscany colored plaster, ancient looking stone and a handcarved wood sign, perhaps carved by Geppetto himself. Children can peek in the arched wood windows which have been lowered for just their height. Atop the Italian clay tile roof an 11 foot high, brightly colored Pinocchio fiberglass sculpture winks and invites the shoppers into the store.

Open the custom designed copper door pulls, forged in the shape of Pinocchio’s face and with a nose for a handle and you enter Geppetto’s fantasy world he created for children. Once inside, a larger than life, grandfatherly Geppetto dangles a 6 foot tall wooden marionette. Geppetto is suspended 15 feet above the floor and surveys his creation below.

A hand built wooden wagon and gondola fixtures flanked on both sides with colorful Pinocchios with wood dowel noses serve as freestanding  display fixtures. The cash/wrap is designed to represent a woodworker’s work bench. Hand forged iron lanterns are anchored on the stone columns above the feature displays. Smaller items are showcased in wood buckets and barrels.

The 1,450 sq.ft. tenant space, with it’s existing 28 foot high ceiling,  two structural columns marching down the center of the store and a very long and narrow floor plan represented a design challenge. To help soften the “bowling alley effect”, the wood beams and wood flooring were run perpendicular the length of the store and a faux finish fireplace and mantle were added in center of the store.