Remodeling and Home Design

My intent is to design spaces that affect the quality of people’s lives… whether it’s an office they look forward to going to, a kitchen that makes their heart soar, (as one client put it), or a store like Geppetto’s that’s charming to both kids and their parents.

I don’t have a particular design style. Instead, I listen extremely carefully to a client’s particular needs and then establish a design philosophy very specific to their individual style, budget and functional goals. As their project unfolds each decision we make together is applied to that philosophy to see if it supports their goals.

I’ve been in the industry for 35 years and have worked as an architectural designer as well as an interior designer. This gives me the skills to dive deeper into projects and really understand the construction process from top to bottom.

The projects with the best results are the ones that I am able to be involved on every level from the initial feasibility and budgeting to the space planning, material selection, furniture selection, cabinetry, lighting, art, landscaping, coordination with the architect, signage and graphics. This attention to all the various details is what pulls it all together and creates a cohesive concept as well as a unique expression perfectly tailored to that particular client.

During the 30 years I’ve owned the company I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences working with clients in Spain and Germany, all over the west coast including Hawaii and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, as well as working for 25 years with the San Diego Zoo, the Hotel Del Coronado and LegoLand.

All clients come by way of referrals and many are repeat clients. In fact, many have become my closest friends. The “business” is actually a lifestyle, for which I’m very grateful.